City Manager's Office


The City Manager's Office is responsible for the daily administration of all City of Princeton operations. The City Manager's Office prepares and executes the annual budget as well as oversees the enforcement of all city ordinances, resolutions, contracts, rules, and regulations.

The City Manager serves the City Council as Chief Adviser and effectively implements the decisions and policies of the city.

Additional Duties

  • The preparation of the City's long-term Capital Improvement Plans and financial strategies
  • The negotiation and management of service contracts and leasing agreements related to City operations
  • The preparation and administration of grant applications and expenditures
  • Serving as the City's representative on varied boards and commissions

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program

The City of Princeton has been recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program (Budget Awards Program) for several years. This award is given to state and local governments for budget documents that are prepared with the highest quality. Learn more about the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program on the GFOA website.

View Princeton Annual Budgets.

The Path to Progress Comprehensive Plan Update to 2050

The Comprehensive Plan (PDF) is the City’s official guide to how we want to grow and develop.  The plan guides where and how development occurs in the city of Princeton.  The plan also guides how the City of Princeton and Collin County provide public facilities and services to support future growth.