Police Reserve Program

Program Overview

The Police Reserve Program is designed to provide supplemental personnel for routine law enforcement activities as well as unusual events and emergencies. The program also enhances public support and garners citizen support and understanding of the law enforcement function.


Reserve Police Officers are required to be fully licensed Peace Officers with the State of Texas. The applicant must have attended a state recognized Police Academy and passed the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education licensing exam. Applicants who can meet this requirement can apply with a standard City of Princeton Employment Application and undergo the necessary physical, psychological and medical testing. Successful completion will lead to an oral review board and background investigation. Upon acceptance to the program, the reserve officer will undergo training with a full-time Princeton Police Officer and, upon completion of training, will be able to work under the direct supervision of another officer.

Reserve Officers are required to work a minimum of 16 hours each month to maintain their status. Reserve Officers are also required to maintain their certification and training hours at the same level as a regular officer.


If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Officer, contact the Princeton Police Department at 972-736-3901.