Construction Projects Updates


The City of Princeton works hard to minimize the disruption caused by road construction, and in doing so, wants to keep everyone apprised of construction projects, timelines, and traffic flow. While we apologize for the traffic disruption, we also know construction means new and improved infrastructure, as well as community growth. Growth brings in the tax revenue needed to continue offering quality services and to maintain and improve the quality of life in Princeton.


Upcoming Roadwork closures: 

Residents in these areas should seek alternate routes or use one of the detours shown on the maps below.

County Road 398 

Will be closed from June 5th thru July 31st to facilitate utility and road construction.  Please take the necessary precautions to avoid this area. Seek an alternate route or use one of the detours shown on the map below.

County Road 490

Residents in these areas should seek alternate routes or use one of the detours shown on the maps below.

San Remo Drive Project

Tickey Creek Wastewater Improvement

Starting 5/1/2023 thru 5/19/2023, Longneck Road will be closed to thru traffic. Seek an alternate route or use one of the detours shown on the map below.

Intersection Closure @ CR 398 & Sheamar

Starting 3/31/23, the intersection of CR 398 & Sheamar Lane/CR447 will be closed to thru traffic due to construction-related activities. Recommended alternate routes would be FM982 or FM546.  

Waterline Reconstruction Project

The City of Princeton will be beginning a waterline reconstruction project in the next couple of weeks along sixth street. The project is expected to take around 130 calendar days. Throughout the project there will be intermittent lane closures on sixth and travel is going to be limited to 1 lane at times. Travelers are encouraged to seek alternate routes during this period.

Forest Grove Pump Station Improvement Project

The project involves the construction of new pump station facilities for the City of Princeton. The project addresses the need for equipment replacement, provides system storage availability and pumping capacity, as well as fire flow capacity.

  • The ground storage tank is complete
  • Construction on the pump station has begun

Beauchamp Parkway Construction

Construction has begun on Beauchamp Parkway between Monte Carlo and 380. Construction on the bridge has begun.

Oak Street Reconstruction

Construction is underway.

Myrick Lane

Construction is underway. Estimated Fall 2023 completion date.

Myrick Lane and Sheamar/CR 447

Construction will begin the week of August 29th, at the intersection of Myrick Lane and Sheamar/CR 447 and will extend due south to CR 728.  Residents will be allowed to access their property, but as safety is our primary concern, residents may have to wait until the passage is safe before being allowed to proceed through the construction zone to their residences.  We are asking residents to avoid the construction area to allow for more efficient progression through the construction process.

South Elevated Storage Tank

The project is out for bid with an 18-month estimated construction timeline.

US 380 from FM 1827 to CR 560 Construction  

The proposed project would construct a new location freeway north of the city of Princeton from west of CR 337 to east of CR 458 and would reconstruct and widen the existing US 380 to a freeway from west of FM 1827 to west of CR 337 and from east of CR 458 to CR 560 in Collin County, a total distance of approximately 11.8 miles. Across Lake Lavon, the project would reconstruct the existing US 380 to a freeway and would add frontage roads. 

2nd Street Reconstruction

2nd Street will be rebuilt. The new street section will include two travel lanes (one in each direction), bike lanes (one in each direction), and sidewalks along both sides of the street. The project should take approximately 300 days to complete.

  • College Street Road Closure
    • The City will be conducting a road closure in the area shown on the below traffic control plan to allow for some road construction activities related to the 2nd Street Reconstruction Project. The expected duration of this closure is from Thursday 6/8/23 through Monday 6/26/23.
    • College Street Closure Traffic Control Plan (PDF)
  • Jefferson Avenue Road Closure