Construction Projects Updates


The City of Princeton works hard to minimize the disruption caused by road construction, and in doing so, wants to keep everyone apprised of construction projects, timelines, and traffic flow. While we apologize for the traffic disruption, we also know construction means new and improved infrastructure, as well as community growth. Growth brings in the tax revenue needed to continue offering quality services and to maintain and improve the quality of life in Princeton.


Hazelwood Street Construction

Construction is complete.

County Road 398 Construction

Construction is complete.

Tickey Drive Reconstruction

Construction is complete.

Forest Grove Pump Station Improvement Project

The project involves the construction of new pump station facilities for the City of Princeton. The project addresses the need for equipment replacement, provides system storage availability and pumping capacity, as well as fire flow capacity.

  • The ground storage tank is complete
  • Construction on the pump station has begun

Beauchamp Parkway Construction

Construction has begun on Beauchamp Parkway between Monte Carlo and 380. Construction on the bridge has begun.

McLain Street Construction

Construction is complete

6th Street Sidewalk Construction

Construction is complete.

Oak Street Reconstruction

Construction is underway.

Myrick Lane

Construction is underway. Estimated Fall 2023 completion date.

South Elevated Storage Tank

Project is out for bid with am 18 month estimated construction timeline.