The Princeton Police Department welcomes and encourages your comments regarding our employees' service to you. If you would like to recognize an employee, please provide the name of officer(s) involved and the details of the commendation. If you are unsure of the employee's name, describe the employee and list the specific actions or demeanor that impressed you. Including the date, time and location the incident occurred will be very helpful in forwarding the commendation to the right employee(s).

File a Commendation

You can submit your commendation the following ways:

  • By letter to:
    Princeton Police Department
    2000 E. Princeton Road
    Princeton, TX 75407
  • Email  Lieutenant Daniel Cabrera
  • Call the Police Department at 972-736-3901 and ask to speak to Lieutenant Cabrera or the on-duty supervisor

We document all commendations received from the public and they are placed in the employee's file.