Board and Commissions Resources


The following forms are required upon appointment and before participating in any meetings.

The City Secretary's Office is available for notarization. 


Board and commission training will prepare you to carry out the duties of your position as a board member.

Online training provided by the Texas Attorney General is required to be completed within 90 days of appointment.  Certificates of completion will be received and emailed to the City Secretary's Office within the 90-day time frame.

  • Texas Open Meetings Act  (TOMA)- Members of a governmental body subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA) are required to participate in education training sessions pursuant to section 551.005 of the Texas Government Code. The training requirement applies to all elected or appointed officials who participate in meetings subject to the TOMA. 
  • Public Information Act (TPIA)- Texas Government Code section 552.012 requires elected or appointed public officials to complete an open records training course.