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Ceremonial & Appearance Request Form

  1. Ceremonial & Appearance Request Form
    • Proclamations - A proclamation is a formal declaration by the Mayor in honor of a person, group, or event. Proclamations will not be issued for business groundbreaking, ribbon-cutting, or grand-opening events. Whenever possible, a sample proclamation or wording should be provided. 
    • Letters - A letter of welcome, greeting, or congratulations will be issued for programs, conferences, conventions, seminars, or other significant events when a proclamation is not appropriate. Whenever possible, a sample letter or wording should be provided. 
    • Certificates - A certificate is a formal document that extends special recognition. A certificate may be issued for a person or organization for an accomplishment or contribution to show appreciation. Certificates may also be issued for a request when a proclamation or other recognition is not appropriate for the occasion. 
    • Appearances/Addresses - Appearances and/or addresses by the Mayor or Council must be scheduled through the City Secretary’s Office and coordinated with the Director of Community Engagement. 
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