Outdoor Warning Sirens Testing

The City of Princeton Fire Department conducted testing of the Outdoor Warning System today, at 12 noon.

Outdoor Warning Sirens (OWS) are used to warn citizens of approaching severe weather conditions and emergencies such as a hazardous chemical spill which may require Staying Put or Evacuating.  In the event of a real emergency more information can be obtained from the local radio and television broadcasts.

We perform a system test on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 P.M.


First Responders Awards Banquet


The Following officers were recently recognized in the  First Responders Awards Banquet.

2017 Officer of the Year

Jeremy Watts

Princeton Police Department

Recognized for their efforts during the Hurricane Harvey Deployment:

Asst. Chief Mike Stiltz

Captain Steve Gammons

Captain Blake Carroll

Captain Ben Harp

Lieutenant Catherine Akkerman

Firefighter Mike Calvert

Firefighter Dustin Lankford

Firefighter Ken Sosa

Firefighter Chris Solano

Firefighter Garrett Phennel

New Public Safety Officers: Firefighters

Brad Morrison

Jacob Stiltz

Ken Sosa

Outstanding Service former Princeton volunteers:

Captain Ron Stevens

Inspector Edie Summerford

Nethaneel Bibbs

Rookie of the year:

Jason Kothera
Garrett Phennel

Firefighter of the  year:

Matt Hollingsworth

Engineer of the year:

Matt Cantrell

Officer of the year:

Ben Harp

Staff Officer of the year:

Chris Mayzner

Staff Employee of the yea:

Trish Hall

EMS Award:

Mike Calvert

Community Service Award:

Ben Harp

Warrior Award:

Chris Solano

Crew of the Year:


Department Advocate:

Chaplain James Stephens

Chiefs Vision Award:

Ben Harp

*****  ***** ***** ***** *****

Special Recognition was also presented to retired Assistant Chief Steve Deffibaugh

for over 28 years of service with the Princeton Fire Department and Collin County.

Smoke Detector Floor Plan

Princeton Fire Marshal Kenny Crutcher would like to share this suggested Smoke Detector Floor Plan as an example of where to place them in your home.

Smoke Detector Floor Plan

Suggested Smoke Detector Floor Plan