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NEW! Hike & Bike Trails

The Community Park Hike & Bike Trail is a cooperation project between the City of Princeton and Collin County. The project will consist of approximately 1 mile of concrete paved trails winding through the J.M. Caldwell Sr. Community Park at 500 W. College Street, Princeton, TX.  Opening this month, the Community Park Hike & Bike Trail is the first trail to go in as part of the future City parks improvements.  When completed, the Community Park’s trails system will link Princeton neighborhood communities and provide connections to new key City destinations.

By providing access to Downtown Princeton, parks, schools, neighborhoods and other key City destinations, the trail system will establish a network of connections. The system will enable resident outdoor enthusiasts to appreciate all that Princeton and Collin County has to offer.


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Facts About Chlorine Maintenance


North Texas Municipal Water District has provided a Question and Answer format document that provides awareness and education about chlorine maintenance of City water systems.  Download the attached PDF.

Chlorine Maintenance FAQ – March 2018

Spring and Summer Watering Guidelines

Current Watering Regulations:

Limit landscape watering to one day per week, every 15-20 days is usually adequate.


April 1 – October 31

Watering Regulations: Water no more than twice per week, less than twice per week is usually adequate.

  • Watering is prohibited from 10AM to 6PM
  • Additional landscape watering may be provided by hand-held hose with a shutoff nozzle, dedicated irrigation drip zones, and/or soaker hose provided no runoff occurs.

If you need help setting your irrigation controller or would like more information contact:

Michelle Day at [email protected] or call 214.960.5665


Chlorine Maintenance, Feb 26 – Mar 26

Every year, NTMWD performs chlorine maintenance on our water transmission and distribution systems prior to the warm months to help maintain the quality of our drinking water. Maintenance will begin February 26, 2018 and conclude March 26, 2018.

Chlorine maintenance does not have a negative effect on water quality. While water may take on a slightly different taste or smell, this does not alter the quality of the drinking water provided to consumers. The water remains safe to use and drink.

To help with this disinfection maintenance, the City of Princeton may need to flush the lines by opening some fire hydrants. This helps push the chlorine through the system faster. NTMWD and City of Princeton continuously test and monitor water quality within the regional and local systems to ensure the water is safe to drink.


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