Choose a City logo design!

The City of Princeton recently launched a Facebook campaign to draw public input on six City logo designs.  The designs featured were black and white concepts that included a feature image with the City’s name and/or establishment date.  The logo design concepts were creative expressions of the results received from the Logo Branding and Messaging Survey in August.  The survey, released in July had 444 respondents.   Results from the survey were shared on the City’s website.

What do you think of the logo design concepts?  Which do you feel best represents the values, characteristics and future aspirations of Princeton?

Take our survey to share your opinion.

 This logo design features the Bois D’arc Tree and the City’s establishment date of 1912. The logo has a natural welcoming layout with a tree element that signifies growth. The design is both comfortable and relaxed, much like our community, but also looks professional and ready for business.

This logo design takes the tree elements and creates a relaxed theme for economic growth. Cultivating Princeton’s image and brand is important. Having an image that is recognizable and perceived positively by businesses and developers is an important goal of the City. This logo is a visual expression of that goal.

 This logo takes its inspiration from vintage hand-painted signs, alluding to the City’s rich history, while also providing an updated professional treatment. The background comes to a peak, representing the City’s growth and aspirations. The design also proudly displays the State of Texas and the establishment date, 1912.

 This logo has a familiar feel for residents of Collin County. It also proudly, and cleverly, incorporates the Texas flag as an arrow representing movement, growth and progress. Princeton is a fast-growing city within Collin County and this logo design reminds residents, visitors, and businesses that the City offers quality amenities and exciting new opportunities.

This logo is natural and symbolic of a small town.  It includes the Bois D’arc tree, as a symbol of Princeton’s rich history.  Princeton is surrounded by nature, away from the busyness of the big cities.  This logo includes natural, comfortable, and growing elements

 This logo has a welcoming theme with the Letter N appearing to open the door for future opportunities. This logo reflects an exciting time, filled with many opportunities for future residents, businesses and developers to come “in” to Princeton. The City is planning now for positive changes and growth!