Branding and Messaging


Over the next few months, the City of Princeton’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Community Development Corporation (CDC) will have the opportunity to select a brand identity to reflect the character of the City of Princeton. This proposed improvement comes at a great time for the City and Residents.  As new homes, businesses and roads are being built, the interests in living in the City and doing business in the City have increased.  A new City brand is an opportunity to represent the unique characteristics and qualities of Princeton to attract the quality residents, visitors and businesses that we desire.

The community has an opportunity to provide input on the brand identity recommendation by submitting comments to the email address provided below. Commenting citizens are encouraged to become informed of the process the City of Princeton has undergone to get to this point.

Brand and Messaging Survey

Survey is closed.

Please complete this important survey to provide us with feedback and direction on the development of a new City logo and tagline.  This survey should only take a few minutes of your time.  If you have questions or comments, please submit them to the right.

Branding Feedback & Comments