July 3rd Fireworks Show

Kickoff the celebration of Independence Day this July 3rd as the City of Princeton once again has planned for a spectacular fireworks show.

Where To Watch The Fireworks

The City of Princeton will be celebrating Independence Day with a fireworks show launched from J.M. Caldwell Community Park.

Time of Fireworks – When it gets dark enough, around 9:30 pm on July 3rd, the fireworks show will launch from the J.M. Caldwell Community Park.

Parking & Viewing – The Park opens at 7 PM. Find a spot early. Watch the fireworks from your vehicle, yard, or from the J.M. Caldwell Community Park.

Health Notice – There is smoke and small amounts of debris that fall out of a fireworks shell. Depending on the speed and direction of the wind, this “Fallout Zone” extends from the launch site.

Please use extreme caution if parking on the street’s right of way. No alcohol is permitted at the J.M. Caldwell Community Park.

*Subject to changes, revisions and updates.