Lee Ann Womack will be at the July Spectacular


This year’s event will have 2 locations for parking. The 1st location will be for Handicapped, Motorcycles, and Prepaid. Parking will be located on the concrete parking area at the park. These spaces are limited and are $10.00 each. Handicapped and Motorcycles spaces can be paid for at event, but all other spaces will be Prepaid only. Passes may be purchased at City Hall during regular business hours 7-4.
The 2nd location will be the northwest section of the park off of Beauchamp Blvd. This parking will be $10.00 and you may pay when you enter the parking area
(no prepaid parking). We will have golf carts available to assist in the transport from the parking lot to the event as needed.
If you do not wish to park at either one of these locations we will offer free shuttle service to and from the event. This service will be located at the PISD Stadium.
If you have any questions please contact Stephanie O’Brien 214-733-2521 or [email protected]