Monthly bulk trash pick-ups are offered to residential solid waste customers and will occur monthly on Mondays

Bulk Pick-up is on Mondays of every month depending on your location.

Call WasteConnections (469-452-8000) to schedule a pick-up and find out when they will be out in your community.

WasteConnections will collect bundled brush (tied in 4 – 5 foot lengths).  Bulk items such as appliances (refrigerators and A/C units must have Freon removed by a licensed technician with proper documentation attached to item).  Furniture, etc…

Bulk pick-up includes a quantity of material (brush and bulk items), which can be loaded by 2 men in no more than 5 minutes.

Please keep small items contained in boxed, cans or bundles to eliminate scattering of litter to allow timely loading.

Items NOT accepted:  Paint, oils, automotive fluids, refrigerator and air conditioning units without proper removal of Freon (must be tagged by licensed technician), construction material generated by contractor, automotive parts containing fluids, pool chemical, batteries or tires.

Holiday Schedule

Waste Connections, Inc. will pick up on Mondays unless the service day falls on the following holidays: Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Years Day. On these days of the year your bulk trash will be picked up on the following day (Tuesday).  All other holidays, will have  bulk trash pick up.