Smell Gas? Call 911

During construction and improvements on the streets, if you smell Gas—LEAVE. THEN CALL 911!

How to tell if there might be a gas leak.



The most reliable sign of a natural gas leak is smell. Atmos Energy adds an odorant to create the distinctive smell of sulfur or rotten eggs.


Unexplained, random dead patch of lawn or vegetation in an otherwise green area of lawn or vegetation, unnatural bubbles in puddles and waterways (pond, creek, lake) or dirt being thrown in the air.


A hissing sound or blowing noises, typically accompanied by a gas odor.

What should I do if I think I smell natural gas?

While not all suspected gas odors are the result of an actual gas leak, this can only be determined by qualified personnel. If a person smells gas or hears the hissing of escaping gas, inside or outside a building:


Leave the area, leaving doors and windows open to ventilate if possible.

Move to a safe location and call 911 and then call Atmos Energy at 1-866-322-8667. Emergency lines are available 24 hours a day.


Smoke, or light a match, candle or other flame.

Turn electrical appliances or lights on or off, operate motorized equipment or vehicles, or use any device that could cause a spark or source of ignition, including telephones and cell phones.